Friday, May 26, 2006

There was a couple that had been married for twenty-five years, and their sex life had gotten extremely boring. So one day they met a Martian couple and decided to change partners.
The human woman left with the Martian man and as they were having sex he asked, "How is it?"
"It's nice, but I wish you were longer!" she said. "No problem, all you need to do is yank on my ear until it is the length you would like it to be!"
So she yanked his ear. "How is it now?"
"Great!" she said. "But I wish it were a little thicker!"
"No problem, all you have to do is pat my head until it reaches the width you like!"
So she patted his head.
The next morning the wife was ecstatic when she met up with her husband. She exclaimed while trembling, "I just experienced the most incredible orgasm of my life!!!...How was your night?"
He exclaimed, "That Georgeous Greenie kept slapping me on my head and yanking my ears!!!"


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